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Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures GOG

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Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures GOG

Post by ADMIN » 26 Nov 2016, 21:15


Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures

Genre: Adventure / point-and-click / detective-mystery
Works on: Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8)
Languages: Audio and text: English Text only: French, Italian, German, Spanish
Features: single-player
Released: February 8, 2010
Size: 1.4 GB
Company: Telltale Games / Telltale Games
Installer version: v2.1.0.20 / v2.1.0.21
Included goodies: wallpapers+ behind the scenes+ Cracking Contraptions videos+ avatars+ artworks
Store page: This Game has been removed from GOG.com's catalogue, or try web-archive-org

Meet Wallace & Gromit. One is an endearing and affable inventor who enthusiastically invents the wrong invention at the right time. The other is a hound who prefers the quiet and cultured life in between bouts of unnecessary rescuing of his hapless master from his own inventions. Join them in a thrilling set of four entire episodes filled with wacky situations, humour, and even crazier inventions that may or may not try to take over peaceful West Wallaby Street.
Can’t have honey without gigantic bees that get a wee bit bothered about Wallace attempting to make a small profit from the fruit of their labours in Fright of the Bumblebees. Join Wallace & Gromit as they try to turn a typical rainy day in Old Blighty into something positive for the residents of West Wallaby Street by bringing the beach to their basement. Not all is peaceful in The Last Resort as our claymation duo must solve a whodunnit with the help from Wallace’s latest and possibly greatest invention, the Deduct-o-matic! After the peculiar hijinx of the first two episodes, one would think our heroes could relax for a spell. Nothing could be further from the truth as they investigate Monty Muzzle, who promises to rebuild a local canine shelter in Muzzled! Wallace moves up in the world and gets admitted to the prestigious country club by the name of Prickly Thicket, the oldest club in Lancashire. Between settling a decades-old feud between two clubs and deciding whether he should use a nine iron, the fun never stops in the final episode The Bogey Man.

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This Game has been removed from GOG.com's catalogue and can no longer be purchased.

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