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Great Battles Collector's Edition GOG

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Great Battles Collector's Edition GOG

Post by vastyr » 28 Nov 2016, 02:32


Great Battles Collector's Edition

Genre: Strategy - Turn-based - Historical
Works on: Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8)
Languages: Audio and text: English
Modes: single-player - multi-player
Released: January 2, 1997
Size: 475 MB
Company: Erudite Software / iEntertainment Network Inc.
Installer version: / /
Included goodies: 3 manuals
Store page: https://www.gog.com/game/great_battles_ ... rs_edition

About: Prepare to rewrite history, the battle begins here...

They were the greatest military commanders of their time, their legendary conquests known
worldwide. Their tactics and battles are still revered and studied by scholars and military
leaders alike -- almost two thousand years later. Now, you can take up their sword.

As Alexander the Great. Take command of the legendary armies of Macedon. Conquer the rebellious
Greeks. Crush the defiant Persians. Capture the crowns of kings and pharaohs to earn the most
exalted title of all: Alexander the Great. Or attempt to turn the inexorable tide of Alexander's
conquest. Assume the role of Darius, Mennon, Clitus, and other celebrated military commanders of
the age. Then engage the forces of Alexander in ten different battles to rewrite the history books.

As the fearless, ruthless Hannibal of Carthage, you are the commander of 25,000 troops who have
sworn their allegiance to you in blood. With decisive victories, you will bring the Roman Empire
to its knees, and conquer what is rightfully yours.

As mighty Julius Caesar. Control of Rome and its hard-won provinces balances on the point of a
spear. As Julius Caesar, you can cross the Rubicon and lead your troops to Rome and the supreme
power. Or, as Pompey the Great, Marius, Sulla, or any other of their subordinates, you might just
defeat mighty Caesar and reshape history. Either way, the prize of the greatest nation on Earth is
yours to conquer. Or to lose. Everything is up to you and your tactical skill in this remarkable
anthology of classic turn-based wargames. They rarely make strategy games like these nowadays!

-Includes: The Great Battles of Alexander, The Great Battles of Hannibal, and The Great Battles of

-Over 30 historical battles offering an extensive variety of weapons and tactics for more variety
and excellent replay value.

-Take control of one of the three legendary commanders, fight battles they once fought and see if
you can match (or outmatch) their tactical skills.
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